Arnold Schwarzenegger Steroids

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Did Arnold Schwarzenegger take Steroids?

The fact that Arnold took steroids is undeniable as he can be accessed on youtube openly admitting to taking steroids. In an unauthorized biography on Arnold and his life written by Wendy Leigh, she talks about Arnold taking steroids when he just started training with weights as a youngster.

But when he came to California with Franco Columbu the doctors were writing scripts for anyone who asked. In those days there were no generic equivalents or poor copies of good steroids so the quality of the steroids that were available was very good indeed.

Years later Sergio Oliva exposed the rampant steroid use in the bodybuilding community during an interview with Brian D. Johnson.

Sergio explains that everyone was using steroids which he said some were brought over from Europe by Arnold himself. He openly admits to taking a combination of Deca and Dianabol. He mentions big names taking steroids on a regular basis.

The truth is that Arnold was not alone when he took steroids. According to Sergio in the interview mentioned above he includes himself with top names in the bodybuilding world like Arnold, Zane, Columbu, Dave Draper, Larry Scott, Harold Poole, etc.

The quality of the steroids was a lot better than what is available today because the steroid market today is full of bad copies, poor generic equivalents and some black market steroids have no active ingredient in them.

Steroid testing is still a controversial issue in the bodybuilding world and Arnold explains in the interview that no steroid testing is done at the big shows like the Arnold Classic and the Mr. Olympia and never has been done.

Steroids do cause health problems and many pro bodybuilders have died at an early age. So just because Arnold took them doesn't mean you should also.

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