The Best Ab Exercises

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The 3 Best Core Strengthening & Ab Exercises

What are the best ab exercises for beginners? There are all sorts of ab and core exercise routines out there, but not all of them are effective. To see your abs, you must diet down to low a body fat percentage, however your abs are a muscle too, and they must be built up like any other muscle to achieve that “rippling” look. Carry on reading to find out the 3 best exercises to develop a strong core and abs that you could do your laundry on.

Hanging Knee Raises

Hanging Knee Raises are the main lower ab exercise, you perform them by hanging from a pull-up bar, and slow raising your knees to your chest and back down again. You should be focusing on using as little momentum as possible and really feeling your abs contracting. Once you can do enough of these, you can graduate on to hanging leg raises, these are where you keep your legs straight instead of bending your knees. This increases the difficulty.

Weighted Sit-Ups

Weighted Sit-Ups are a very common exercise, however they are always done wrong. A lot of people think that when you add weight to your sit ups, that you should hold the weight on your chest, but this is incorrect and does not add any extra difficulty to the exercise. To really ramp up the intensity, you should hold the weight behind your head whilst doing sit-ups. These are the best exercise for your upper abs. To increase the difficulty, simply perform them with more weight.

Rope Crunches

Rope crunches are an uncommon exercise, but they are really good for isolating the abs. They are performed on the tricep extension machine with the rope attachment. To perform rope crunches, set an adequate weight and get on your knees facing away from the machine, reach up and drag the rope down to behind your neck. Now, lean forward and crunch using your abs, if you’re doing it right, you should really feel the burn with this exercise. Increase the weight to really develop your abdominal muscles.

Abs are like any other muscle and must be built in the same way. For your abdominal muscles to grow, you should be increasing the weight on your exercises and doing more reps. If your abs are not developed properly, then they will not show through even at low body fat percentage! So get doing heavy ab training to really see the definition!

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