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Different Body Types Bodybuilding

Although there are three primary categories that each body will fall into we are essentially a mix of these body types. If you want to see results from your hard training and eating correctly you need to know what type of body you have. The three different types are Ectomorph, Mesomorph and Endomorph but we are all basically a mix of these three body types.

If you are thinking of training with weights on a regular basis it is strongly recommended that you examine your body to establish what body type you are so that you can design your workout correctly. If you know what is your predominant body type you will be one step ahead when it comes to adding muscle.

Although your body will more than lightly be a combination of the three basic body types, knowing which body you have predominantly will help a lot in planning your workouts and eating habits. Here are the three main body types that everyone will fall into to some extent or another.

Narrow hips and narrow clavicles
Small joints (wrist/ankles)
Thin build
Stringy muscle bellies
Long limbs

Wide clavicles
Narrow waist
Thinner joints
Muscle bellies round and long

Thick rib cage
Wide/thicker joints
Wide hips
Shorter limbs

From a bodybuilding point of view an Ectomorph is without a doubt the worst body type if your objective is to be a competitive bodybuilder. Hard training and lots of patience is the only solution if you are predominantly ectomorphic. If you are ectomorph then it is strongly recommended that you develop a mindset of slow and steady when building muscle.

The ectomorph needs to slowly increase the intensity of the workout as overtraining needs to also be a concern. When starting out it is not necessary to do different workouts or movements for arms but to rather spend most of your workout trying to increase the weight lifted in the compound movements.

If you are predominantly endomorphic you will find weight training to be a lot easier than an ectomorph. You will be able to add muscle fast because of the anaerobic nature of weight training. If you eat correctly you will see your fat quickly replaced by muscle.

The key to success when you are endomorphic is to lose fat while preventing muscle loss. The answer is to train hard and fast doing HIIT (high intensity interval training). But cardiovascular activity is essentially catabolic so you need to always be weary on how much you do.

The mesomorph is the best type of body/genetics to have if the objective is muscle gain. Excluding all endurance sports the mesomorph will be naturally good at most sports that require fast action. They have an ability to withstand high intensity training without overtraining plus they have good recovery systems in their genes so high frequency works well and less prone to injury.

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