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Dennis Tinnerino Classic Bodybuilder

Dennis Tinnerino, Mr. America, four-time Mr. Universe, lecturer, author, and evangelist. Of all the bodybuilders, Dennis Tinnerino made the greatest improvements ever. I remember a MuscleMag that showed the bodybuilders when they were kids, and of all of them only Tinnerino actually changed his muscle structure and proportion. Sure all the others were much bigger and more muscular than before, but if their biceps had been their best muscles as teenagers, their biceps were their best muscles when they were older too. Not Dennis. When he was a teenager, and had been training for a bit, his calves were his worst muscle, his chest non-existent, and his arms thin and long. As a pro, he fixed all that and even ended up with some of the best calves in the sport.

Listen To Dennis Tinerino Talk About Training For The Mr. Olympia Contest

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