Exercise vs Diet

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Diet Versus Exercise - What's the Best Way to Lose Weight?

One of things that many persons have been debating about for years is which is more important for losing weight, diet or exercise? Here are some things you should consider about each.


If you follow some of the so called experts they will tell you that the less you eat the less you will weigh. There are many companies and individuals that purport a diet based weight loss program. This often leads to confusion as how to use diet to lose weight which variably leads to a lot of money being spent on the latest diet fads with little or no positive results.

When you choose to diet or to change your way of eating in your effort to lose body fat you are really only applying a short term solution to losing weight. It is far better that you take the time to understand the way in which you need to eat, the kinds of foods you should eat, and the foods you must avoid or at least lessen in your everyday diet.

It is far more important that you develop and stick to a sensible eating program. This will involve some degree of discipline and commitment. It is believed by many experts that in order for you to reduce your body fat it is best to stay away from unwanted calories. In fat it is believed that you will not need to exercise as much if you are eating the right foods.

Therefore you should be sure that you are meeting the daily protein, carbohydrate, and fat requirements. There is also a daily requirement of vitamins, minerals, and fiber that needs to be met from the foods you eat. By educating yourself as to the role of nutrition and its effects on the body you can appreciate why starving yourself in an effort to lose weight will not work and can lead to serious problems.


Exercise has been touted as age defying and is seen as having the ability to change the way people look and feel about themselves. There is also the added benefit of a positive impact on your health and most of the other areas of your life. An exercise program will not be effective if you do not allocate the time and energy to it.

If you go to the gym to exercise then great care must be taken so that you do not over-train or exercise too much. This can lead to fatigue, sickness, and serious injury. This makes it important that you have a well thought out exercise plan.

Exercising to lose weight is one way to do it but this cannot be truly accomplished if you do not have the energy to do. To get the energy you will need to be eating the right foods in the right quantities. It is therefore far better that your weight loss program be one that incorporates a balance between diet and exercise. 

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