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"Ab Men with Wide-Brimmed Hats"

Want Shredded Cinderblock Abs Development? This report reveals the step-by-step plan that will help you achieve shredded abs in as little as 76 workouts.

Acquire Cinderblock Abs the Australian Way! reveals:

  • Interrelated Abdominal Exercise Selection

  • Seven Amazing Stages of Blow-Torch Intensity

  • Twelve Ab Matrix Techniques (to build, shape, and rip your abs)

  • Ab Matrix Tips

  • Daily Nutrition (includes two Fat Buster diets)

  • Aerobic Conditioning (revealed here is the "20/10 x 6 System")

  • Exercise Mastery Descriptions (follow the explicitly calculated exercise descriptions and feel the difference!)
All of the time-proven secrets for developing superb, sculptured, deeply etched, rippling, cinderblock abs are revealed in this ultimate instruction-packed report.

Separate yourself from the rest! Become a leader and not a follower when it comes to your Ab training. Be the "one man in a thousand" to Acquire Cinderblock Abs the Australian Way! Take action NOW!


Neural One-Day Blitz System

"Add 1/2 Inch in One Day"

ADD up to ONE-HALF INCH of muscle on the arms in one day? Believe it or not . . . it works!

Upper arm size and development is one of the most popular (if not the most popular) of all muscle groups among "iron game" enthusiasts. It is no small wonder that we are constantly looking for that "secret exercise" or (even more exciting) a "secret routine" that will increase upper arm size dramatically.

Look no more.

The SPECIAL BIG ARMS REPORT/Neural One-Day Blitz System is your "gateway" to bigger arms, by as much as 1/2 inch in 24 hours. This system is designed to cut out all the bulls**t and go straight for the jugular.

The uniqueness and pure genius of the Special Big Arms Report is how quickly you get results. Adding 1/2 inch to your arms in one day will be an exciting challenge. Those previous frustrating and boring moments of shooting for a measly 1/16th of an inch on your upper arms will fade into the past.

You have to fight for big arms, and the 16 Stepping Stones revealed within the pages of the Special Big Arms Report will give you all the edge you need to accomplish this goal.

Some of the results-producing training and nutritional techniques you'll learn about in the 16 Stepping Stones will give you the weapons you need mentally and physically to win the Big Arms race. You'll learn about such topics as:

  • The Innovative 1 & 2 Rep System

  • Best Core Growth Exercises

  • 19 Super-Intense Shock Training Arm Blast Routines

  • The Manual Overspeed Rep Factor

  • Hourly Protein Pump (Feeding)

  • Mind Power Doctrine of an Iron Warrior - You will learn how to harness a tidal wave of mental energy to get you through the commando-tough workouts.

  • More!
The Special Big Arms Report includes a huge addendum that features very necessary info on Elite Exercise Mastery Descriptions, Muscle Meal Recipes, Strength Chart, and a FREE BONUS "Super-Calves" Report.

Brother! You've never seen anything like this definitive "no fear of failure" Big Arms Report for adding 1/2 inch to the arms in one day. This system has proven effective for 89% of the Iron Game enthusiasts in private gyms across the country and in Europe.

The Special Big Arms Report/Neural One-Day Blitz System is the most dynamic and unorthodox arm training system available today for adding 1/2 inch to the arms in one day.

Why wait? Make the next 24 hours the most productive ever in arm gains. Order NOW!



This e-report reveals all the potentially revolutionary nutritional secrets of CREATINE MONOHYDRATE supplementation. You will learn the "secrets" for making it work correctly.

  • How to take Creatine

  • How much Creatine to take

  • The 3 "unique" cycling phases

  • Every-Other-Day Creatine Strategy

  • One-Day-A-Week Creatine Strategy
This e-report also includes:

  • Super Saturation Creatine Loading Chart For Men

  • Loading and Maintenance Chart For Women

  • The 3 "unique" cycling phases

  • Creatine "Secrets" of Pro Bodybuiiders
These ALMOST ILLEGAL "behind-closed-doors" NUTRITIONAL SECRETS will produce almost immediate and significant bodybuilding results. Order today!



This comprehensive and definitive manual contains explicitly calculated, NEW, state-of-the-art training methods to help you add natural muscle. Within the pages of THE JETTISON TECHNIQUE, I unveil an innovative dual-resistance training system that can't help but deliver a Super Mega-Pump to your muscles.

I don't care what segment of the Iron Game fraternity you represent -- hard gainer, genetic superior (champion), and/or anabolic steroid user -- you're going to become bigger, thicker, and stronger by implementing the powerful JETTISON TECHNIQUE into your training regimen. Highlights in this breakthrough manual include:

  • Unique Latex Cable/Free Weights Technique

  • 25/25 Giant Cycle Principle

  • 25/25 Reverse Giant Cycle Principle

  • Technique Emphasis System
THE JETTISON TECHNIQUE is logical, comprehensive, and purposely presented to be learned quickly and easily with as little fuss as possible. Prepare yourself for one of the most dramatic and powerful, super-intense workouts you will ever experience for stimulating explosive muscle growth.

The closely guarded secrets contained within the covers of THE JETTISON TECHNIQUE can be yours. Get the results all the others will miss. Order today!


"Chuck Sipes Super-Seminar"

The late Chuck Sipes was an IFBB Mr. America, Mr. Universe, and Mr. World winner, and Mr. Olympia competitor back in the 1960s.

The Chuck Sipes Super-Seminar report reveals in his own words how he prepared for and won the 1968 IFBB Mr. World title. You will marvel as Chuck explains his revolutionary training and nutritional philosophies that allowed him to obtain his best gains ever in titanic size, shape, and brazen muscularity.

Chuck attained a peak condition where, at 5 feet 9-1/2 inches, he weighed 220 pounds. His measurements were: arms, 19-1/2 inches; chest, 50 inches; waist, 32 inches; thighs, 25-1/2 inches; calves, 18 inches.

This veteran of the Iron Game was enormously strong and, at a bodyweight of 220 pounds, could bench press 570 pounds (raw, no bench shirt, etc.), perform full squats with 600 pounds, and do barbell curls with 250 pounds.

You will learn in detail how this IFBB professional packed on muscle mass, power, and cuts the natural way, with the most dramatic, realistic, results-producing Double Pyramid and Support Training ever devised (even to this day, nearly 4 decades later) to promote the ultimate in super size and strength.

Experience a Golden Era of bodybuilding as Chuck Sipes, a great champion of yesteryear, reveals his pro bodybuilding strategies for winning contests. This advanced "Chuck Sipes Super-Seminar" is fast becoming a collector's item. Order your copy today!

Buyers Beware!

Mail-Order Muscle Ads

ATTENTION! This eye-opening special report is a very personalized glimpse, glance, and analysis into the world of mail-order muscle adds as seen in mainstream industry periodicals and websites associated with the Iron Game (bodybuilding).

Within the pages of this report I take you into the sleazy, amoral world of the devious, unscrupulous rogues of mail-order muscle ads and REVEAL their grab bag of unethical tricks and outright acts of chicanery.

You will learn the major reasons why people get conned and how to fight back and win by following 7 Explosive Strategies.

This huge and comprehensive report also reveals:

  • Why the Magazine Publishers Are Not at Fault

  • List of the Stand & Deliver Advertisers (the good guys)

  • Learn the Difference Between Camouflage (too good to be true) and Legitimate Advertisers

  • Four Encapsulated Mail-Order Muscle Ad Stories: Mr. America in Six Months; The Nine Months Experience; Cash in the Mail; and Flagrant Consumer Reaming.

  • Mail-Order Muscle Ads Q&As and much more.

If you agree that it is important to know the difference between fact and fiction in mail-order muscle ads, then I urge you to order this special report today!


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