How to Get a Boxer's Body

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So You Want A Body Like Theirs : Boxers

Boxers are famous for looking in top shape before fights. At the weigh-in, they always have that really defined look. Find out what kind of workout you have to do to achieve that very same shredded look and six pack abs, just like the boxers do in this article!

Boxer Training

Boxers train with a lot of cardio and bodyweight exercises, check out our article on the Best Bodyweight Exercises and devise your workout around them. You should be doing 3 sets per exercise to muscular failure, your should also only train a few muscle groups per day, thus giving them a whole week to rest and recover. End every workout with Cardio.

Cardio is vital for boxers as they have to be able to endure twelve 3 minute rounds of boxing. The preferred methods of cardio for boxers are running and skipping as well as boxing training itself.

Boxer Nutrition

Boxers often stay very lean through good nutrition. Combine a good, balanced diet with boxing training and cardio to really see the weight fall off, get that really ripped and shredded look and finally see those six pack abs.

Boxer Supplementation

Boxers use supplements mainly to aid recovery. Whey Protein and BCAAs are staples of boxers supplementation, if you really want to take your training to the next level, add Creatine and Ecdysterone to your supplement stack.

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