Importance of Testosterone

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Bodybuilding How To: Why Testosterone is Important

Where to start?I guess at the beginning, by saying research on the benefits and importance of testosterone is not truly conclusive and there are many reports stating testosterone gives you benefits whilst there are also others that say it doesnít.

When it comes to bodybuilding and sculpting cycles, no matter what level weíre at we all have similar desires and questions such as; how do I get bigger?How do I make my chest look fuller?How do I get tighter abs?Or, what do I need to be able to squat more?The truth is weíre all looking for that something extra, whether it be mentally or physically.SoÖ.

What do we already know?

Testosterone is a naturally produced hormone that is generated in significantly more quantities in the male body due to its design, size and makeup.Testosterone is also found more in men because itís a hormone thatís predominantly produced by the testicles which are fundamental part of a manís body.Testosterone in women is produced in or rather by the ovaries, but these are smaller in size and have a higher purpose for women.

Testosterone is also an androgen which means it stimulates male characteristics such us muscle growth and development.

As mentioned, one of the major benefits of good testosterone levels is muscle growth and development, but there are many other benefits that are lesser known but just as, if not more important.

Increases in Muscle Mass

A little bit of magic or pure science?Testosterone is the fundamental building block for bodybuilding, muscle growth and increased strength.Why?Testosterone promotes protein synthesis which in short means your body and muscles are aided in producing larger quantities of protein and importantly are able to retain this protein for better and faster muscle recovery and growth.This ultimately leads to increased muscle mass and superior strength.

Reduce Body Fat

Perhaps a little unknown fact, but testosterone plays a crucial role in how the bodyís fat metabolism operates so helping with the levels of glucose and insulin that are created and therefore passed around and stored in the body.The way in which testosterone impacts body fat is this: As our testosterone levels decrease, so does our ability to maintain glucose and insulin levels which in turn means we store more fat deposits.A knock on effect of storing more fat is that it decreases the amount of testosterone being produced which is then converted into estrogen.

Stronger Bones

Testosterone has been seen to increase bone health in both men and women.Bone mineralization is improved as the cycle of how bones reabsorb their own tissues and cells is decreased.To ensure you have stronger, healthier and longer lasting bones later on in life, it is advised to look at your testosterone levels now to make sure theyíre at their optimum level.

Increases Libido

Itís very well-known that testosterone is one of if not the major sex hormone, so it comes with absolutely no surprise that erection and low libido issues are very strongly linked to low testosterone levels.Anyone who notices that their interest in sex has decreased or disappeared should probably look to get their testosterone levels checked as this is a key sign that testosterone levels are running low.Higher libido also increases confidence, thus showing that testosterone can and will affect you physically as well as mentally.

Improve Your Brain

Seen most in older men, testosterone levels have been linked to brain function and alertness.Studies have found that testosterone levels have a very clear relationship with memory and as mentioned, particularly in order men it has been shown that a higher count of testosterone vastly improves memory functions and decreases brain decay.

Although memory functions are not seen to be hugely affected in younger men, it is crucially important to obtain a healthy testosterone lifecycle early on to ensure you reap the benefits later on in life.

Negatives of Testosterone

Itís important to highlight the negative as well as the positive attributes that are linked or associated with testosterone.There are many myths we immediately think of when thinking about or discussing testosterone but itís important to understand that there are no concrete connections to symptoms such as increased aggression, violence or anti-social behaviours.There are a number of small studies that link successful men around the world as having higher levels of testosterone so it would be easier to link individuals with lower testosterone levels to having increased aggression or more inclined to be violent.

About the Author

Staying healthy and training as hard as possible is something Kevin Hodges has dedicated himself to and is a lifecycle he is keen to help others achieve.This is why when it comes to bodybuilding, weightlifting and fitness supplements he promotes those from Crazy Bulk as theyíre designed and created using natural extracts and ingredients keeping you healthy, strong and natural.

Having been involved in sports and fitness from a very young age, training has become a way of life for Kevin but he now uses skills and experience gained over his career to coach and assist others to become the best they can be.

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