Insulin and Bodybuilding

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Bodybuilding and Insulin Use

Insulin has been through a lot of misconceptions in bodybuilding with some people saying that it is the only way to get and hold a serious amount of muscle. The truth is that taking just a small amount of insulin can kill you and the chances of you messing up by just a drop of insulin are very high.

Professional bodybuilders like Rich Gaspari have actually become diabetics by taking insulin for increased muscle gain as the pancreas eventually stops producing or forgets how to produce insulin. Insulin is a highly anabolic hormone stimulating lipid synthesis from carbohydrates called lipogenesis.

The result is that it can decrease the fatty acid release from the muscles (lipolysis) and help the movement of glycogen and other nutrients into the muscles.

The dangers of taking insulin are that it can potentially put you in a hypoglycemic coma and you could die. You could slowly become a diabetic as you pancreas slows down its own production of insulin and lastly the more insulin you take does not mean more growth.

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