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Iso Tension Training

Iso tension training is a Weider Principle that can seem quite complicated at first until you try it. The term iso-tension means flexing which is exactly what you will be doing for 6 or 10 seconds after the movement has been completed. The technique is simple but should not be done on compound movements, as there are too many muscle groups involved.

A good example is when training triceps by doing pushdowns or kickbacks so that after the first set has been completed you would then tense the triceps to the max for 6 to 10 seconds. Another example on a compound movement would be flexing your pecs after doing a set of bench-press to help isolate the pecs.

Iso-tension will dramatically help the mind-to-muscle connection as you flex the targeted muscle between sets. This will help a lot in allowing you to focus more specifically on the targeted body-part. Another advantage of iso-tension is that it will help a great deal with set continuation.

By doing iso-tension immediately after completing the set you will keep the tension in the targeted muscle. This will allow you to continue with the tension after the set allowing you to safely push beyond the point of failure, without risk of injury. It is a good idea to include your iso-tension time as your workout time and not your rest time.

It can take a bit of practice to get iso-tension correct as when doing a movement like incline press you will more than likely be flexing your entire chest area and not just your upper pecs. With regular practice the mind-to-muscle connection will slowly improve.

Iso-tension can be done throughout your day, which over time will dramatically enhance your mind-to-muscle connection. For example doing a lat spread or a double bicep flex will always help you to isolate these areas when doing a set with weights.

For example one can easily recruit iso-tension while sitting down by crunching your abs while driving your car. Hold the position as long as you can and you will soon feel an improvement in the mind-to-muscle connection when you do train the same body-part at the gym.

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