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Solving The Mystery About John C. Grimek’s Middle Initial

By Dennis B. Weis "The Yukon Hercules"

Many years ago I had an interesting conversation with a friend regarding John C. Grimek’s middle initial. I said that the middle initial in his name stood for ‘Carl’ and that was the name I used in the dedication of the book I co-authored with Robert Kennedy titled: Raw Muscle (Contemporary Books 1989).

My friend said that I wasn’t correct and that his middle initial stood for ‘Carroll’. We went back and forth on this in a few more follow up conversations until I finally said phooey on this mystery and decided to ask the man (John C. Grimek) himself about it. Here are his exact words in an October 31, 1990 letter of reply.

Also about my middle initial, you’re both right, but for the past 20 or more years I’ve used Carroll, even as a pen name on many articles (Strength & Health and Muscular Development magazines) over the years.

However I admit using several ethnic derivatives because my godfather, whose name was Charles, which in Slavanic sounded like Carole, but translated it could and does mean Carl, Carroll from Charles. Over the years I have gone through all three but kept using Carroll the longest.

So it’s not an error on your part because the name of Charles is the ethnic group that covers them all. I am confronted with that often and those who specifically ask me what the C stands for, I simple answer ‘CASH’ none of which I have except the initial.

For those of you who are not familiar with the name of John C. Grimek I will just say that he was probable the most revered bodybuilder of all time. For over 5 decades, until his death on November 20th of 1998, he was know as ‘The Monarch of Muscledom’. Well there you have it. The mystery of John C. Grimek’s middle initial, FINALLY SOLVED!!!

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