Gironda Exercises

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Vince Gironda Exercises

Vince Gironda was an original thinker who insisted on breaking the mold built up by normal dieting and training. There are many different variations that Vince added to normal movements like the barbell curl, which he insisted he could improve on by doing his body drag curl.

Done in the same way as a normal curl with knees slightly bent and leaning slightly forward, he insisted that the best way to do this movement was to lock your elbows tight to your torso and drag the weight up your chest trying not to move your elbows kept tightly tucked in.

Another Vince Gironda exercise is the 45-degree pulley row with the elbows out wide, working directly on the teres major muscles, which make a huge difference to the width of your back when doing a lat spread.

Another good example of how Vince would always look at movements a little differently to everyone else is his frog sit-ups. He explains that when your feet are facing each other and you do a sit-up you will isolate the abdominals more effectively by eliminating any momentum only using your abs.

If you really want to get a serious pump in your legs then Vince's sissy squat is something you should try. Holding a barbell with weight in front of your chest and not resting on your traps, you will have your heels on a 3 inch block as you squat down, knees going forward maintaining your balance keeping shoulders and the barbell directly over your heels.

At the bottom of the movement move your hips slightly back over your heels in a squatting position, then only your quads return to the start position. This movement can be tough on the knees and should not be done by anyone who has potential knee damage.

Vince explained to his students that to broaden your chest you need to learn how to do dips correctly. He explains that by using a wide grip of at least 33 inches when doing dips is required. Vince explains that the movement is only in your elbows with your head down and chin resting on your chest.

Vince says that the position of your crossed ankles are in front of your face and not behind you as one would normally do this movement. These wide dips have proven to be the best way of shaping the pecs and eliminating the stress on triceps putting most of the stress on the pecs.

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