Workout Partner Benefits

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3 Benefits Of Having A Workout Partner

Gym partners are people who you work out with, they can be friends, workmates or even family members, they usually have the same goals and aims as you and are looking to get the same out of working out as you are, but are they holding you back? Read on to find out what benefits having a partner at the gym brings to the table.

Help With Motivation

Gym partners can really help with motivation when it comes to working out, something as simple as placing a bet on “who loses the most weight this month” etc can really turn in to a heated competition and rev up your intensity in the gym, nobody likes to lose! Also when it comes to lifting weights, a partner who is stronger than you can really make you want to push yourself harder and get stronger!t

Can Help You Do “Negative Reps”

Negative Reps are when you only perform the last part of a weighted exercise, they are really effective when used at the end of the last set of an exercise to really finish off the muscle. For example :

Let’s say I’ve just done 3 sets of 8 reps on bench press, the “negative” part of a bench press, is the part where you lower the weight to your chest(doing this slow and controlled, even if you can’t push it back up still tears muscle fibers). If you didn’t have a gym partner, you wouldn’t be able to do these, but if you do, your partner can simply help you back up, and you can continue doing more negative reps!

Preventing Serious Injury

On heavy-lifting exercises such as the bench press, it’s crucial to have somebody there in case you suddenly run in to complete muscle failure, nobody likes being trapped on a bench with a weighted bar on their chest!

However workout partners can have negative effects on your workouts too! Such as :

Reducing Intensity

Some people are just naturally talkative, and theres nothing wrong with this. But if you’re a person who likes to work out with intensity in the gym, a person who’s constantly trying to strike up long conversations can get really distracting and make you lose focus.

Not Taking Working Out Seriously

Some people really don’t take working out very seriously, and if you do, it can get really frustrating. They usually half-ass everything and make up excuses to not work out. Don’t expect these people to be your partners for long!

A good gym partner can really help you take your workout to the next level! But a bad one will hinder your progress! So pick your partner carefully.

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